The Next Generation
of Real Estate Valuation

Our Story

Clarocity was born out of our desire to challenge conventional wisdom about residential real estate valuations. We believed that taking a fresh approach to valuation meant more than just designing stunning new valuation reports. It meant starting from the ground up and building a foundation that would launch an entirely new wave of products and solutions. Leveraging new concepts like collaborative valuation required us to develop innovative solutions that would efficiently engage thousands of vendors to work in concert in creating and delivering real estate valuations. We knew right away that we had gone beyond just changing the real estate valuation market. We reinvented it.

Powerful Technology Platform

The Clarocity technology platform has dozens of innovative features to make the management and production of valuation reports a breeze. Built from the ground up to provide an unparalleled user experience, our platform is unique in that it's designed to deliver the innovative new valuation reports that clients demand. Key features include:

Dynamic Workflows

Our pipeline technology efficiently moves orders from start to completion. Powerful search and filters make it finding any order a snap.

Modular Product Design

Integrated data-driven vendor forms allow for rapid design and development of innovative new
valuation solutions such as BPOMerge and
MVP (MarketValue Pro).

Integrated Communications

Ensure that every communication is seamlessly routed to the order with integrated email.

Heads Up

Dynamic interactive dashboards and robust reporting make sure you always have the big picture.

On the Road to Success

Integrated mapping streamlines order assignment and management a breeze.

Get the Balance Right

Dynamic team and order load balancing optimizes your entire operations team.

Discover out how the Clarocity platform can turbocharge your residential valuations, contact us for a demonstration.

Innovative Valuation Products

Clarocity designs and develops the next-generation of real estate valuation and reports. By leveraging data-driven forms, our valuation products are a cost-effective solution. They have been proven to provide exceptional reliability and credibility. Clarocity platform licensees have the ability to manage and produce proprietary valuation products that are setting new standards in performance.

Clarocity, Inc. is not a licensed Appraisal Management Company (AMC), and this is not a solicitation for AMC services. MVP is an appraisal product and providing these services may require that the provider meet the state regulatory and compliance requirements. Should you require an AMC, Clarocity, Inc. licenses products and technology to select AMC partners that meet compliance requirements.

Exceptional Valuation Services

In addition to products and technology, Clarocity offers nationwide alternative valuation and appraisal fulfillment services

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